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World of Tecnocasa


Created and developed with a strong professional culture in the real estate field, today includes complementary corporate branches created over a period of time to further expand the services available to the final client.

Today it is the largest Italian and European Group, with a total of more than 3.000 real estate and credit mediation agencies in 9 different countries.

The group is based on four important points:

- Entrepreneur vision and quick decision making;
- Competent managerial personnel in every branch of activity;
- Strong operational synergy between the specialists of each area of Group activities, especially advantageous to the final client;
- Development of exclusive instruments such as the Real Estate Data Bank, heart of the understanding of the dynamics of the market, and “Osservatorio Immobiliare, also known as the “Stock Market” of real estate in Italy.


The Tecnocasa Group has always given young people, by nature of their concept of what is modern and flexible, many career opportunities. Their development is essentially internal: by granting the trademark only to those who have trained and grown within the Tecnocasa system, the Group has in time developed personnel with professional profiles who distinguish themselves for values, method and behavior.

These young people have always trained alongside expert personnel and coordinated by a staff of consultants to prepare them to handle all aspects of the profession by a rigorous training period.

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